As an Artistic Photographer... I'm drawn to a subject for its personal impression and interest. The images I photograph may suggest further exploration and processing, advancing them to an alternative interpretive look such as watercolor, graphic illustration or an abstract.


I like images of landscapes, found objects, graphic shapes, aviation, architectural, portraiture, macro photography and any interesting scene that appears to me.


All photos receive some editing and processing before they are printed. It's the nature of the process that begins automatically in the camera and extends in various degrees during post-production. Some images are barely "touched", others go through additional refinement and enhancement with the use of a variety of techniques that create limitless interpretations to choose from and resulting in unique prints.


Images are printed on high quality art papers that are matted and ready for display. All paper printed and matted prints are available with or without frames. Some images look even better when printed on metal and typically need no framing. See details here


The effects and treatments applied to my images can also be applied to your photos! I can resize, retouch/repair, enhance your digital or printed shots and have them printed in a variety of sizes and media. Call or e-mail me for more info.


I provide photography & post production services for portraits, events, product and artwork. See examples by clicking on the "Commissioned" tab. Call or e-mail to discuss.



1 (630) 740-2887